The last good version of Apple’s iMovie was version 6, later called iMovie HD. At least that’s my opinion, and it’s shared by a few others. The later versions became more of a video manager (and not a good one), and a very rudimentary editor (and not a good one).

Realizing, but not admitting, how much people hated the new iMovie, there was a period when Apple would let you download the previous and now-abandoned iMovie HD, but it is no longer available from Apple, even on their Old Software List, so until I’m given a Take Down notice, I’m putting iMovie HD up for grabs here. Of course you’re trusting that I haven’t embedded some kind of nasty malware or anything, which I haven’t.

In the disk image is the “iMovie” application which you’ll drag to your /Applications folder and an “iMovie” folder which you’ll drag to your /Library/Application Support folder. Enjoy.

(I updated the iMovie HD app to include the modified version string discussed in the other post. Aug 2016)

:: Update – 4/20/20 – moved this link to a more permanent location ::

Download iMovie HD